Saturday, May 4, 2013

Awesome cigar lounge: Shelly's Back Room

Some time ago in late March I was stuck in the DC area for work-related activities. This work required nice weather so the customer could fly their airplane and collect good imagery with their new sensor system. Sunday night it started to snow and this photo shows how it looked outside my hotel room early Monday morning:

That weather totally messed up my work plans and it now looked like my trip would keep me stuck in a DC hotel room forever. Gah!! Fuck it! I decided I would take some time for myself and do something interesting in DC that night. I asked around and Googled for ideas. I found what I think is the nicest cigar lounge I have ever seen:

Shelly's Back Room
1331 F St NW, Washington, DC 20004

Check out their cigar and whiskey menu. Nice! I'm told by my friend Mr. Crupi that the only place you can find like that in Los Angeles is private and by invitation only. Check out the menu: 16-ounce Angus NY Steak or Jumbo Bacon Wrapped Shrimp. They also have 16 year old Jameson Irish Whisky, which my friends and I did not know existed. They also have Liga Privada cigars, which I'm also told is rare and hard to find.

The entrance to Shelly's Back Room is clearly marked by a classic carved wooden Indian figure standing right next to the main door. You can't miss it. Stepping inside one sees an interior space that is both open and inviting. I ended up being seated in a smaller side room that opened up to a larger community area. My server brought me three separate menus: a food menu, an alcohol menu, and a cigar menu! That's how you know you're in the right spot. A cigar menu!

My first cigar was a CAO Brazilia with a bitter IPA chaser. Cigar number two was a nice Monte Cristo given to me by the guy sitting next to me. I accompanied that with a shot of my favorite Scotch: peaty and smoky Caol Ila! Ahhh!

That was a very pleasant and satisfying evening after a frustrating long weekend working from my hotel room. Now that I know about Shelly's Back Room, I very much look forward to my next trip to Washington, DC.

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Pepper said...

I said it once and I'll say it again: That dude who gave you that cigar had better not have been making a move on you...because I will cut a bitch!