Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Humidor Has Drawers

A short time after turning 40 I realized that I very much enjoy drinking Scotch and Tequila. Prior to then I would pretty much stick with beer and the occasional glass of wine. Nowadays my drink of choice is a peaty Scotch like Laphroaig or Ardbeg.  A little later I started playing Poker with friends that I met through my son's preschool. Those social events started off as normal family-oriented barbecues and were a lot of fun. By the time my son had changed schools and moved up to Second Grade, these gatherings had turned into grownups-only Poker Night. And of course, one cannot play Poker for long without smoking a cigar.

I find that I enjoy a cigar with has a strong bold flavor. Many people will describe a cigar's flavor using adjectives like "oaky", "nutty", "leathery", or "coffee". I am unable to sense anything like that. Is there something wrong with my senses? I can distinguish between "spicy strong tobacco flavor" and "mild weak tobacco flavor". Every once in a while I will get an awesome flavor blast from a cigar, but that is not typical for me.

After a couple of fun Poker Nights I started buying my own cigars. My favorite cigars now include the Man O' War Ruination, the Gurkha Centurion, and anything from Alec Bradley. I already had a small humidor that my wife had given me as a present many years ago. It was just big enough to hold 20 to 30 cigars. Now I finally had a need for it!

I like buying cigars from cigarbid.com, it's just like eBay, but for cigars and related accessories. This site made it very easy to buy a five pack of top-rated cigars at a fraction of their regular price. The trick is to identify auctions ending today, and which have not yet seen much bidding activity. When its time to go cigar shopping, I will find four or five such auctions and place a low bid on each. If I'm lucky, I will win in one or two of these and receive them in the mail in a few days. This is a fantastic way to explore high-quality cigars without having to purchase a full box for hundreds of dollars.

It took just a few months of this cigar-smoking frenzy before my small humidor was full! Time for a bigger and better humidor. I don't really like the classic desktop style humidor with the lid opening on top. Once its open, you have to lift a tray to see down into the lower compartment. I just don’t like that setup. What I wanted was a humidor with drawers that pull out from the side. I had never seen one like that before, but I searched and searched and I finally found the humidor that matched my vision on Amazon.com:

Cabinet-Style Humidor
Cabinet-Style Humidor

I think this is the perfect humidor. It has the shape of a cube, it has four drawers and it can easily hold a hundred cigars.  Yes!!  I like it so much I even made a little video about it to the tune of everyone's favorite music: Polka!

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