Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dance Guide

This is a quick update to my earlier post about the Gangnam Style video.  The other day I stumbled across an awesome info graphic that completely summarizes the entire video:

Gangnam Style Dance Guide

How great is that?  This was created by Cardemm at DeviantArt.com.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mr. Crupi!

My good friend Mr. Crupi is in many ways responsible for the enthusiasm I have for a few of my sinful activities.  Mr. Crupi writes about his frequent Man Cave adventures at crupiscorner.com.  Head over there and check it out.  Perhaps you too will follow the path and become a devotee of Cigars, Scotch, and late-night Poker.  At least I did!  Ha!

Mr. Crupi will often take some time out from a Poker game to record a Roundtable Cigar Review.  The one I copied below is a favorite of mine.  Those Gurkha cigars were big and intimidating.  Yikes!

That's all for now.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Humidor Has Drawers

A short time after turning 40 I realized that I very much enjoy drinking Scotch and Tequila. Prior to then I would pretty much stick with beer and the occasional glass of wine. Nowadays my drink of choice is a peaty Scotch like Laphroaig or Ardbeg.  A little later I started playing Poker with friends that I met through my son's preschool. Those social events started off as normal family-oriented barbecues and were a lot of fun. By the time my son had changed schools and moved up to Second Grade, these gatherings had turned into grownups-only Poker Night. And of course, one cannot play Poker for long without smoking a cigar.

I find that I enjoy a cigar with has a strong bold flavor. Many people will describe a cigar's flavor using adjectives like "oaky", "nutty", "leathery", or "coffee". I am unable to sense anything like that. Is there something wrong with my senses? I can distinguish between "spicy strong tobacco flavor" and "mild weak tobacco flavor". Every once in a while I will get an awesome flavor blast from a cigar, but that is not typical for me.

After a couple of fun Poker Nights I started buying my own cigars. My favorite cigars now include the Man O' War Ruination, the Gurkha Centurion, and anything from Alec Bradley. I already had a small humidor that my wife had given me as a present many years ago. It was just big enough to hold 20 to 30 cigars. Now I finally had a need for it!

I like buying cigars from cigarbid.com, it's just like eBay, but for cigars and related accessories. This site made it very easy to buy a five pack of top-rated cigars at a fraction of their regular price. The trick is to identify auctions ending today, and which have not yet seen much bidding activity. When its time to go cigar shopping, I will find four or five such auctions and place a low bid on each. If I'm lucky, I will win in one or two of these and receive them in the mail in a few days. This is a fantastic way to explore high-quality cigars without having to purchase a full box for hundreds of dollars.

It took just a few months of this cigar-smoking frenzy before my small humidor was full! Time for a bigger and better humidor. I don't really like the classic desktop style humidor with the lid opening on top. Once its open, you have to lift a tray to see down into the lower compartment. I just don’t like that setup. What I wanted was a humidor with drawers that pull out from the side. I had never seen one like that before, but I searched and searched and I finally found the humidor that matched my vision on Amazon.com:

Cabinet-Style Humidor
Cabinet-Style Humidor

I think this is the perfect humidor. It has the shape of a cube, it has four drawers and it can easily hold a hundred cigars.  Yes!!  I like it so much I even made a little video about it to the tune of everyone's favorite music: Polka!

Gangnam Style in My Head

There are so many parodies and remade copies of Gangnam Style on YouTube that its a bit difficult to find any individual video.  Last night in bed I simply could not stop watching these videos over and over.  I almost pulled a Crupi and fell asleep with my phone/tablet on my face.  WARNING: do not watch the videos listed below unless you have time to spare...
  • Gangnam Style - PSY (강남스타일) (YouTube)
    This is the original Gangnam Style video released on July 15, 2012.  It is listed in Guinness World Records for most "liked" video in YouTube history.  The primary theme of the video is "dress classy and dance cheesy".

  • Klingon Style (YouTube)
    There are many many parodies of this video all over YouTube.  My favorite so far is the Star Trek version titled "Klingon Style".  I especially enjoy the parts where the Klingon is "singing" but really it just sounds like a long growl.

  • Gangnam Style: Making of (YouTube)
    This video shows the making of the original music video.  Why can't I stop watching this stuff??

  • Oppa Is Just My Style (YouTube)
    "Gangnam Style" was officially re-released on August 14, 2012, as "Oppa Is Just My Style".  The video was revised to better appeal to women viewers, according to the Wikipedia article.  After watching it, I believe that statement is true since the newer video is less silly and has less invisible horse riding.

  • Gangnam Style (Wikipedia article)
    Everything I know about this song and video I learned from YouTube and Wikipedia.